The Green Party is different from the corporate parties, because we are governed by our principles and values. Unlike other political parties, we do not accept – and are not influenced by – corporate cash. Our platform is based on our values of peace, sustainability, grassroots democracy and justice for all. We aim to broaden the scope of political discourse and reshape the political process.

Recent Updates

The Bill Gates Foundation has sold off its entire portfolio of BP investments, $187 worth.  Story here.

The International Trade Commission has completed a report projecting the benefits of the Trans Pacific Partnership.  It finds only modest benefits and real disadvantages.  Story here.

Congress is negotiating legislation to move towards solving Puerto Rico's debt crisis:  a "control board" (worked out so well in Michigan!) to restructure their debt, and legislation to ensure all creditors will accept the result.  (In Argentina some creditors -- "vulture funds" -- held out for full repayment and got...

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