The Green Party is different from the corporate parties, because we are governed by our principles and values. Unlike other political parties, we do not accept – and are not influenced by – corporate cash. Our platform is based on our values of peace, sustainability, grassroots democracy and justice for all. We aim to broaden the scope of political discourse and reshape the political process.

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    Jody Grage's 80th Birthday Fundraiser

    $556.00 raised
    GOAL: $800.00

    Dear Friends,

    Somehow I will have my 80th birthday on January 16th this year. Seems unreal, but that's what the math says. Not to worry! I have a lot of years left and intend to make full use of them!

    As a practical optimist, I'm convinced that the world is ours to make better – even if we have to save it from ourselves. So for over 30 years I've worked with the Green Party, its Ten Key Values, and its vision of a more just existence. Now I'm challenging myself to raise at least $800 to help the Green Party of Washington transform the political landscape here.

    This past year has been one of our most dynamic and exciting in recent times. We have:

    • Used strategic planning results to improve our infrastructure and strengthen our locals;
    • Held a successful membership drive;
    • Produced great brochures, buttons, and t-shirts featuring our new logo.

    All this is just the beginning as we gear up to do what political parties do - engage in electoral politics. We aim to provide more options on Washington ballots. It's what democracy needs to look like - and the time is right when half the people in the United States do not identify with either the Republican or Democratic Parties that have us heading in the wrong direction in so many ways. 

    The money we raise will go directly to increase our efficiency and effectiveness. We need campaign schools to train campaign support workers and recruit and nurture quality candidates. We need media schools to educate ourselves to break through the duopoly's strangle hold on information and visibility. We never take donations from corporations, so we need your individual support.

    There are of course other ways to contribute. The Green Party of Washington State will welcome you donation of time, too. Your skills, excitement, and spirit are their own powerful currency. And I can promise you this: taking action is not a waste.

    Your personal effort drives us to greater things – together. 


    Jody Grage



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